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1 Essential Oils is different. Sure, it is all about essential oils — those distillations made from aromatic and oil-rich botanicals (plant materials ) — and only about essential oils. But we are not about selling, promoting, or recommending brands, or even individual oils, at all. Nor do we recommend, or even suggest, specific oils, products, or brands, for any purpose at all, including for personal care, or health or medicinal purposes. All material presented here is for research or educational purposes. We provide as much direct material, as well as links to reputable off-site resources, all for the same purpose. We leave it up to our visitors and readers to do their own evaluation and make up their own minds about essential oils, whatever their proposed use. We encourage our visitors and readers to see our disclaimers and follow the links to FDA information.

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Please note that 1 Essential Oils (this website) does not sell, offer for sale, or distribute any product or brand, nor does it recommend any product, brand, or substance for any use or purpose. This website solely aggregates information about natural plant distillations and extracts known as essential oils. Essential oils fall into two categories, cosmetics (unregulated) and drugs (regulated in the U.S.A. by the Federal Drug Administration – FDA).

1 Essential Oils provides both on-site content and links to off-site resources. No claim is made as to the reliability of this information for any purpose or use. Materials provided may be historic or current in nature. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of content provided but no offer of validity is made, nor is any guarantee given, as to the suitability of this material for any purpose. Information provided on this site is not meant to be considered as medical or other professional advice. In fact, no advice is offered, nor claims made, on this site what-so-ever. Information is provided for research and educational purposes, for personal use only. Content may not be used for commercial purposes, nor may it be resold.

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